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PatientClick offers those in the mental/behavioral health field easy-to-use custom encounter notes and patient scheduling integrated with a live, video chat telemedicine platform. The platform may include medical billing, electronic prescriptions of controlled substances (EPCS), email, text, auto-call, and push notification appointment reminders. Group appointments with group notes and treatment plans are also available along with a lot more features. iOS and Android apps are also part of the PatientClick telemedicine platform allowing for mobile sessions for patient and provider.

A full-integrated TeleTherapy solution is available and also just the TeleTherapy module that can work with exisiting EMR/EHR using HL7.

The PatientClick TeleTherapy platform is used by several mental/behavioral health groups whose clinicians include: psychiatrists (MD), nurse practioners (NP), psychologists, degreed therapists, licensed clinical social workers (LCSW), counselors and more.

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  • by Ashish Mehta, CEO at PatientClick, Inc.

    Concierge medicine is gaining popularity among physicians and patients. Watch for adoption rates to soar in 2018, as more patient-consumers actively seek out doctors willing to shift away from fee-for-service care toward a more economical approach based on monthly membership fees that cover everything except additional services from external labs and testing facilities.

  • UC Davis examined more than 19,000 medical encounters from 1996 to 2013 to explore the benefits of telemedicine and virtual visits. The study found that savings translate beyond simply saving money. Patients also saved time, experienced less stress and had easier access to their doctors. The UC Davis study, which looked at both inpatient and interactive video consultations, found collective savings of almost nine years of travel time spent driving five million miles and approximately $3 million. Per-patient savings averaged $156 related to travel expenses and about four hours of time on the road.
  • Telemedicine: TelePsychiatry, TelePsychology or TeleTherapy, in a live, secure online video-chat format has proven for years to be an effective way to have sessions with clients. The military has used it for over 25 years, and it has been accepted on the cilivilian side with, in some cases, improved results over in-person sessions.