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Are you interested in transitioning to an electronic medical records (EMR)/electronic health records (EHR) system, but not sure how to best make these solutions work for your clinic? PatientClick offers EMR consulting services to make this important conversion as seamless and beneficial as possible.

Workflow Process Improvement

Let us improve your practice performance. While evaluating the overall workflow of the office we will help optimize existing processes to increase productivity and revenue. We have years of experience with helping offices/clinics achieve higher efficiency and effectiveness in their operations.


Integrating EMR/EHR Software Into Your Practice

The initial focus of our consulting services is to gain a strong understanding of the processes already in place within your institution. PatientClick®’s EMR/EHR software is adaptable and flexible, able to work with the documents and forms that you already use. We simply implement solutions to make the information you use more accessible, and easier to organize.

Making a Seamless Transition

We appreciate that, as a healthcare provider, you cannot afford to have any downtime or major disruptions to service. This could be why you have hesitated to switch to electronic medical records.

As part of our EMR/EHR consulting services, we will design a plan that will allow your organization to transition to digital health records with as little interference to your regular routine as possible.

Once your transition to EMR/EHR services is complete, our consultants are available to ensure that you, and your staff, completely understand how to make the most out of these innovative solutions.

The EMR solution is for a single office that does not have a need to share records. EHR solution is for practices with multiple locations or who has a need to securely share records.

Contact us at 877-901-9990.

Go-Live Assistance

Our highly trained Implementation Specialists are available 24/7 to assist with the go live process. Our effective training specialists coupled with other knowledgeable team members makes for a smooth transition.