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All-in-One Clinical/Medical Office Solutions

We started off with making a modular, customizable electronic health record solution with Meaningful Use certification that is very easy-to-use, has a graphical user interface (GUI) that you have to see, and can be configured to adapt to the office work flow. Then we added on Practice Management with eRx and scheduler ... and other modules.

According to  Wikipedia: "The integration of the EMR and PMS software is considered one of the most challenging aspects of the medical practice management software implementation." But, we have done it, and with a seamless interface. Now you can have a complete clinical/medical office management solution from one vendor with excellent 24/7/365 support (that you probably will hardly ever use).

The latest added is Telemedicine which can improve patient care, physician time use, and revenues for many practices.

The PatientClick All-in-One solution allows you to have a complete cloud-based solution that is seamlessly integrated that includes:

+ Electronic Health Records (EHR) - which means clinical information can be shared via HIPAA-compliant means

+ Practice Management (PM) - patient demographics, schedule appointments, maintain lists of insurance payors, perform billing tasks, and generate reports.

   + Scheduling - can be separate for those who want just Scheduling and eRx

+ Revenue Cycle Management - More extensive than medical billing

+ eRx (electronic prescriptions)

+ Telemedicine

All-in-one solution for clinics and medical offices. And the best thing is it is easy-to-use and modifiable to your work flow.

We should also mention that after years of assisting medical offices improve their work flow in a way that keeps physicians and staff happy, and improves efficiency and effectiveness, we offer consulting services with or without our PatientClick Medical Office Solutions.

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