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TelePsychiatry is booming! Are you going to participate? Since the introduction of telepsychiatry years ago, the idea of video conferencing for a psychiatry consult has increasingly become an accepted way to reach patients no matter where they are.


Telepsychiatry is much more convenient for the patient and the clinician. It means that they have the opportunity to be in the privacy of their home or office and make better use of the time spent traveling to and from the appointment.

The clinician also can make extra money, deliver better service, and even allow for collaboration with other colleagues in case of complicated consultation.

In an article by Psych Congress Network, Steven E. Hyler, MD, Professor Emeritus of Psychiatry at Columbia University Medical Center in New York shared his thoughts about Telepsychiatry.

“I really suspect that the next five years are going to be a watershed in flipping the tide and it’s going to be in common use,” said Hyler.  “And if you don’t have it you’re going to be at a big disadvantage”

Hyler also shares that another advantage is that can connect with other clinicians not locally but internationally as well.

“For example, in third-world countries and help clinicians with difficult cases and consultations that would be difficult or impossible to get locally,” Hyler said.

So if you are considering to implement Telepsychiatry into your practice, we have listed many of the benefits of starting a Telepsychiatry practice in 2018 and onwards.

Easy collaboration with other therapist and easy to scale up practice size

A telepsychiatry solution gives you the ability to communicate with other therapists and collaborate in case of complicated consultation. It also allows easier to scale up your practice in size since is less costly and can save you money at higher volumes.

Technology makes it easy to manage multiple locations

For those clinicians who see patients in multiple facilities, this technology allows them to ditch their commutes and instead meet with their patients via a secure video conference. It also helps the therapist keep regular appointments with patients who may travel for work or live in different locations throughout the year.

Many state as per ATA pay for these visit

According to the American Telemedicine Association, 32 states have legislated that private insurance cover telemedicine services if you choose to go that route. Medicaid programs in 48 states reimburse for some telepsychiatry services, and Medicare will reimburse for telepsychiatry services if the community is considered rural.

Smartphone enables easy access for patients to connect with MDs/Therapist

Technology has enabled us to do almost anything at our fingertips. We can make money transactions, order delivery food and even shop for groceries all from our cell phones. It is essential to allow patients to access to video conferences through their phones and connect with the therapists on the go.

No more missed appointments and no more long commute!

Video conferencing is an excellent way to reach patients who are located remotely, have scheduling conflicts or have to drive long distances to seek psychiatric help. Patients are less likely to cancel their appointments if they can sit through a video conference therapy from the comfort of their home or office.

The entire experience is comfortable, secure and confidential even for the patient who is hundreds of miles away


We can’t stress this enough, but using video conferencing for your telepsychiatry practice is truly easy, secure and confidential. As long as the software you are using is HIPAA compliant, there’s nothing to worry about. Using for patients and therapists with the right software is easy.