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By Gregg Opper, PatientClick Staff

In addition to providing innovative healthcare telemedicine EHR/EMR solutions, PatientClick, Inc. has been assisting clients with billing and getting claims paid. With expert billers, we catch the mistakes that reduce revenues.

Thousands of dollars can be lost because a practice or a provider does not know what they have to do to get paid. We help by not only providing billing services, but also by telling an office and providers what they need to do before seeing patients and filling out encounter notes. Practices need to know  which Providers have contracts with which Payers and the terms of the contract (including termination date). Since the credentialing / contract / enrollment process is so lengthy, and providers are so busy, they may loose track of where they are in the process.

Thousands more can be lost because a practice doesn't verify a patient's insurance or collect co-pay. And then there are errors. Errors can be reduced by having an experienced medical biller using software that has claim scrubbing (checking for errors), and is dedicated to their work. Even might enjoy it! That is the kind of medical billers we have.

When we provide our medical billing service we point out areas that could help a practice improve their income. Best practices for practice staff and providers.

We offer Revenue Cycle Management (medical billing services) where we are paid by a practice a percentage of collections. So we want a practice to earn as much as they can doing their work, and we do our work to make sure revenues are maximized for their hard work.

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