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As we constantly update and create new features for our clients, we try to add everything here ... but alas, there are always features missing from our list here. Best to get a demonstration and ask if we have a particular feature(s).


  Integration: Our cloud based solution can be used modularly or as a seamlessly integrated platform providing clinical (EHR, eRx, Labs, Telemedicine and more), and medical office (scheduling, billing, reporting and more) solutions. Sharing data is seamless between modules.

  SaaS Web and App based Solution: Software-as-a-Service (Saas) which is on a web and app based platform (cloud), provides security, very-low initial and on-going investment, and the software is constantly updated at no added cost to the subscriber. SaaS provides flexibility to access from anywhere with internet access, at any time, and on any platform that has a web browser, including Windows, MacOS X, iOS, Android, and Windows PC.

  Mobile Apps: We have mobile apps for iPad (iOS), iPhone (iOS), smartphones and tablets (Android) that allow secure access to PatientClick. There are separate apps available for providers and patients.

   No Internet Location Visits: If you have the situation where you are going vor visitations at remote sites (like homes or long-term care facilities) that have poor or no internet connection, Providers can load scheduled appointments either on an iPad or a Windows laptop.  Then they will have patient information at the appointment, be able to update, take notes, etc., and when they get back to where there is an internet connection the updated information can sync with the cloud database.

Our solutions are designed to be as easy as possible for the practitioner to use, to reduce data entry, and to consume as little of their time as possible. It is also designed to provide providers with the information they want, when and where they want it, from Meaningful Use data to patient information, to financial graphs/reports
  • Easy to use and to add notes, forms, documents and securely transfer via HL7 or CCD/CCR
  • Quick Chart Notes - Our system provides over 9 different ways to create chart notes
  • Track patient progress notes
  • Manage patient treatment plans

 Encounter Notes:  The Encounter Notes interface is simple and easy-to-use. Practioners can create encounter notes in multiple ways tailored to their unique needs. Time can be saved with the ability to, with one-click, replicate information from the patient's previous five notes.

  • Encounter notes can be entered multiple ways: Discreate with click-selection and text fields, free text format which can be used with Dragon voice recognition, or paragraph format, or combination
  • Templates can have normals (defaults)
  • Templates are available for customization or custom templates can be created (unlimited, no charge)
  • Templates can be modified "on-the-fly" by authorized clinicians, adding or deleting fields
  • Ability while making note to pull-up other functions like eRx, history and then return to updated note.
  • Ability to save, send and more
  • Ability to have auto-save
  • Multiple signature option

  ePrescriptions (eRx): With PatientClick eRx, physicians can fill prescriptions electronically, eliminating the risk of incorrectly filled prescriptions due to handwritten errors, increasing patient safety.

  • Drug interaction checking is done at time of prescribing to eliminate adverse medication events utilizing drug-to-drug, drug-to-allergy and drug-to-food checking.
  • PatientClick eRx qualifies physicians' practices for Medicare/Medicaid incentive payments.
  • Time can be saved with the ability to, with one-click, replicate information from the patient's last prescription

  Unlimited Lab Interfaces: The lab interface streamlines the test ordering as well as the record keeping processes. Physicians and hospitals receive the results electronically which automatically populates the EMR so that providers can more easily manage treatment. We will write unlimited lab interfaces for your practice for no charge.

   Interoperability:  PatientClick's electronic health information exchange (HIE), facilitates interoperability and is critical in connecting various providers and patients. Certified to use both Continuity of Care Document (CCD) and Clinical Document Architecture (CDA) standards PatientClick is able to securely exchange patient health information with other vendors systems in the medical community who are compliant with ONC and the HL7 standard.

  Images and Documents: The Image and Document Management module supports image types including JPG, TIF, GIF, BMP, PDF and Word documents. Printed documents and clinical images (PACS) can be easily scanned and imported directly into the patient chart.

  • Images can have notation directly annotated on them.
  • PatientClick is fully compatible with picture archiving and communication system (PACS).
  • Imaging sources:
    • X-ray
    • Computed radiography (CR)
    • Computed Tomography (CT)
    • Digital radiography (DR)
    • Endoscopy (ES)
    • Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI)
    • Mammograms (MG)
    • Positron emission tomography (PET)
    • Ultrasound (US)
    • and other imaging sources
  •  We use the universal format for PACS image storage and transfer which is DICOM (Digital Imaging and Communications in Medicine).
 Transcription/Dictation:  PatientClick has a standard transcription/dictation module to improve physician productivity. It can export dictation and import transcription which can then be quickly reviewed. With the transcription easily at hand doctors can quickly build encounter reports and other medical documentation and correspondence. Dragon Certified.

 Patient Education:  Providers can customize patient education material and print along with follow-up care instructions which then can be provided to patients. The information can be pulled automatically from medlineplus.gov when a ICD 10 code is selected, or can be brought up according to preset variables like age, gender, problem, and lab test result. The information is also available to the patient through the Patient Portal.

 Patient Portal:  The Patient Portal allows patients to communicate with the physicians and access important information over the internet. Patients can use the patient portal to schedule appointments, request prescription refills, view health records as well as send messages to the physician. For physicians, the Patient Portal facilitates communication with patients and provides one-click access to patient records and encounter notes.

  • Easy for patients to securely exchange messages with providers
  • Review educational material Videos and downloadable PDFs can be made available
  • Request appointments and more
  • Patients can access virtual visits with clinicians
  • Patients can securely fill out forms and provide information
  • Patients are emailed with notifications. Text message notifications or calling are optional add-on

  Patient Wearables:  With PatientClick data from many patient wearables (Fitbit, etc.) can be streamed to Patientclick and input into a patient's EMR. Apple Watch interface is still in development.



Fully integrated scheduling with EHR and Medical Billing

  • Direct access to creating notes with templates
  • Direct access to forms
  • Drag and drop appointment changes
  • Multi-provider, multi-location capabilities
  • Wait list and other beneficial features
  • Schedule Matching for coordinating two providers to be at same appointment
  •   Payments can be accepted either in-person or via patient portal, via Authorize.net Payment Gateway


With the Medical Billing capability, users submit claims electronically, interface with clearinghouses, track claim status for payment determination and dates. This module also allows for users to verify insurance eligibility upon patient check-in.

  • Track all the primary and secondary electronic claims as well as manage payment reconciliation for both hospitals and physicians. PatientClick's medical billing module aims at improving the workflow and as well as increasing the acceptance rate.
  • 837i Institutional electronic billing (UB-04, CMS-1450)
  • 837p Professional electronic billing (CMS-1500)
  • Claim scrubbing for errors
  • Batch billing or individual billing using super bill
  • With clearinghouse can provide unlimited elegibility checks and claim submission
  • Integration with Scheduling allows for timely collection notifications when setting appointments
  • Reports and charts/graphs allow for administration to easily keep overview of billing
  • Can be used internally, by third party, or we offer billing/Revenue Cycle Management services


Many reports are available and free, new custom reports can be requested in the format you want at anytime

  • Existing forms (like patient intake) can be transformed into online forms so you can keep the format you want and capture the information that you need
  • Custom Reporting - Easily run reports to see reports you want on information in your database, even with bar and pie charts on a particular diagnosis, laboratory test results, ICD Codes, provider performance, prescriptions or any other collected information.
  • Patient Form Management - Within the Patient Chart you can have a tab that shows when a required form was filled out, who filled it out, and show what forms are not completed.


Consult with patients who are remote with a HIPAA-compliant secure video-based telemedicine solution. Unique in that it is integrated with EHR, Scheduling, and Medical Billing with information transferable via HL7

  • Secure audio/video-based telemedicine
  • iOS and Android Apps
  • Secure Web-browser based access
  • Text chat available
  • Group video chat (many-to-many)
  • Broadcast chat (one-to-many)


  • Access - Web/Cloud-based Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solution
    • Accessed securely via browsers (Chrome, Edge, Firefox, etc.)
    • Accessed securely via apps for iPad, iPhone, Android
    • Designed to work well on desktop computer, laptop, iPad/tablet, iPhone/Android
  • Security
    • User permissions assigned by group (admin, clinician, etc.) or by individual user
    • Servers located in U.S.A. secure server facilities in two different states
    • Backups every four hours and every weekend
    • Databases are encrypted
  • Training
    • Live, online training included, as needed as situations occur (new staff, refresher, etc.)
  • Support 24/7/365
    • Normal response time is 20 minutes
    • Assigned Account Manager with backup contact
    • Email support for non-urgent requests

OPTIONS (additional fees may apply):

  • Clearinghouse fees
  • Direct Messaging
  • Immunization Registeries
  • Text-Message Alerts
  • Phone Call Alerts (Automated or Manual)
  • Statement/Invoice mailing service
  • Transcription Service
  • Provider completed form checklist
  • Tracking of expiration dates of provider licenses with alerts to administration and provider
  • And more


For more information, please contact us using contact form or at 877.901.9990.